Steve Xenakis | Principal at noo F/X

When you work with Donna Fullerton you are selecting a research partner that will inspire you to think differently.

There are lots of top-notch moderators. Many have the tangible skills you expect: excellent listening and probing skills, creative design solutions, and strong analytical ability.

However, these skills do not define what a trusted, long-term research partner should be. It is the intangibles that determine that.

Enter Donna Fullerton. There are five qualities that are the foundation of a different qualitative experience:

1. Fast to framing your challenge

2. Big tool box to tap into

3. Works both sides of the glass exceptionally well

4. Has a unique “story telling” perspective on consumer psychology

5. Perceptive insights, precise articulations, and practical solutions

When you integrate these assets you get a mindfulness that will inspire you and your team to think differently. Donna’s generosity of spirit, perceptive empathy, and thoughtfulness is a special, and albeit rare combination. She makes it look effortless, and makes working with her the better choice.

You get more of a glimpse of this mindfulness in her co-authored gem called the Freedom Zone. You get clarity of communications and insight.

Be inspired to think differently.


Jerry Giordano | The Brand Narrator

Donna Fullerton in 5 words: Insightful, intelligent, strategic, logical, trustworthy, intuitive, enthusiastic and enjoyable.

I know that’s 8, but I’ve known and worked with Donna for over two decades and she’s much too interesting to be a mere 5-worder. Incredibly disciplined yet can relate to anyone. I have been in dozens of groups with her over the years and she can make even the most jaded feel heard.  Donna is one of the rarest of the rare not only in marketing but also in life. In two words she’s spiritualistically professional. (After one conversation with her you’ll know what I mean.)


Cheryl A Seraile | Brand Marketing & Innovation Maven

Donna is the best qualitative research professional I have worked with. She successfully combines her wide experience across diverse product/service categories with a depth of knowledge of research techniques and methodologies. Her facilitation skills are unmatched; and she brings great energy and curiosity to each assignment, inspiring active participation from respondents and her clients. Donna is an extremely valuable research partner; she clearly communicates her unparalleled understanding of consumer behaviors and motivations, enabling her clients to make the most effective business decisions.


Steven Gentile | Consumer Research & Photographer

Over the years, Donna has been fantastic beyond words. Professionally, she is on her A game always; personally she changes yet somehow remains constant – how is that? Her style is engaging, her spirit is light, her laughter is impossibly contagious! Nothing but the best from her, always!